M.Sc. International Energy Economics and Business Administration

The general qualification for the course of study is proven by the completion of a university course of at least six semesters qualifying for a profession (Bachelor’s degree*) or the completion of an equivalent course of study abroad. In addition, advanced knowledge of the English language, postgraduate work experience of at least one year and a passed aptitude test (in form of a personal interview) are required.

Knowledge of the German language is not mandatory.

Applications for the program are ideally be submitted by 30 April. The date is not a cut-off date, but applications received later may not be considered, depending on the status of the selection process.

Application documents for study program and scholarship

  • application form
  • curriculum vitae
  • letter of motivation (max. 2 pages)
  • certificate of higher education Submit the certificate which allows you to start university studies in your home country. Submit the certificate in its entirety, including the overview of subjects and grades. (certified copy)
  • University diploma/Bachelor certificate incl. transcript of records and if available the diploma supplement (certified copy)
  • proof of knowledge of English corresponding to level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference)
  • proof of professional experience (no internships) of not less than one year

Students can only begin their studies at the beginning of the winter semester (mid-October). For further information please contact our coordinator.

Regarding the proof of knowledge of English, common tests like TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, DAAD, etc. are valid

* The MEEBA double degree program has proven to be a deeply interdisciplinary Master’s program connecting academic and practical fields of finance, law, political science, logistics and communication. Even though the large share of our students have an economic background, students with a different academic background are accepted regularly after proving their ability to understand basic economic concepts. Since the initiation of the program in 2007, we have welcomed each year students not only from business and economics but also from law, social and political sciences, computer science and engineering from all over the world.

In case the background of the applying student is not an economics/business degree, the applicant has to prove his or her suitability for this Master’s degree during the interview in spring/summer of the application year. The interview takes place between May and June.

We offer the possibility to do the interview in Leipzig as well as via Skype.

Tuition fees

The Master’s program is subject to a fee. Tuition fees of € 3.125 per semester are charged, including in particular the tuition fees charged by MGIMO and the costs of accommodation in Moscow in the second semester. Candidates who apply for the programme by February 28th will benefit from a fee reduction of € 1.000 for the whole programme (€ 2.875 per semester).

In order to apply for the Master’s program, please fill out this form before April 30th. The academic year starts mid-October of the same year in Leipzig, Germany.

You can submit English and German documents. Documents in other languages have to be translated.

    Certificates and proofs

    * required

    We will confirm the receipt of your application within two working days. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Ms Maren Rath (, +49 341 9733524).