Master Program

M.Sc. International Energy Economics and Business Administration

The Master’s program in International Energy Economics and Business Administration is an academic cooperation between the University of Leipzig and the State Institute for International Relations in Moscow (MGIMO University) which is supported by the Institute for Energy Policy and Energy Economics.

Students participating in this unique program acquire two independent degrees from internationally renowned universities. By choosing the MEEBA program you will

  • study in a small international group (max. 15 students in Leipzig and 15 students in Moscow)
  • acquire a Master of Science from second oldest university in Germany and a Master’s degree in Economics from the most renowned Russian university
  • gain a deep insight in the energy industry through a split study program: focussing on the oil and gas sector in Russia and on renewables and future technologies in Germany
  • benefit from an active and committed alumni network that provides direct access to  internships, thesis projects and job opportunities
  • acquire additional qualifications, such as the official trader certificate of the European Energy Exchange (EEX), and join workshops with companies like PwC and Gazprom
  • enlarge your international network in the energy industry through our mix of academic education and hands-on training in close collaboration with companies in Germany and Russia
  • access a mentoring program including senior year students, professors and alumni
  • opportunity to gain doctorate/PhD and formal admission to higher service in Germany

Based on a first university degree, this postgraduate programs gives you the opportunity to supplement and deepen your academic education with regard to questions relating to the international energy industry. The course imparts business and economic knowledge as well as political and legal knowledge relevant for a deeper understanding of the energy industry. The program prepares students for a wide range of professional activities in administration, political consulting, business and science at national and international level. Students benefit from the extensive range of courses offered by the two partner universities, which encompasses a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and distinctive regional expertise.

Our Master’s program works in close cooperation with the several European and transnational companies, providing our students and Alumni the opportunity to gain a deep insight in the practial work of the energy industry.

A central element of the study concept is the joint study in a small group of Russian and German students. The concept aims at promoting European collaboration and international understanding through the establishment of personal contacts. Secondly, through the cooperation during the joint studies, knowledge and mutual understanding for the respective national interests, points of view and economic framework conditions are developed. Last but not least, the course concept supports the personal network of the course participants. In order to achieve these goals, the course is limited to a maximum of 30 participants: 15 students in Moscow and 15 students in Leipzig. The course is supported by companies from the energy industry and offers excellent career entry opportunities.

The general prerequisite for admission to the course is a first university degree qualifying for a profession and a demonstration of strong interest and/or experience in the energy sector. In addition, proof of knowledge of the English and, if applicable, German language must be provided. Knowledge of the Russian language is not required.

Upon successful completion of all studies and examinations, the students acquire the Master of Science of the University of Leipzig and the Master of MGIMO University.